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The prospect of being the first owner of a new home is exciting. The allure of shiny new appliances, fresh paint, untouched carpets and bare walls allow your tastes to shine through from day one can be very appealing. Keep in mind that there are a number of decisions to be made, and your Realtor© at Atlantis Realty can assist you along the way.


Advantages of New Construction

If you are considering purchasing new construction, or building an new home, there are several advantages to choosing that path. Newly constructed homes typically:
  • Conform to today’s building codes and often have more safety features and fewer health hazards than older homes.
  • Provide warranties in case certain problems develop over time, and the home’s major appliances and systems are typically covered by manufacturer’s warranties.
  • Reflect the latest in modern architecture and layout. Great rooms, bigger closets and additional bathrooms often replace the formal dining and living rooms in older homes.
  • Provide more energy efficient design with better windows, more efficient heating and cooling equipment, and more extensive use of insulation.
  • Are built with materials requiring less maintenance, such as vinyl siding/windows and pressure-treated or fiberglass decks.
  • Have the ability to be customized more easily that a resale home, since you can often select many options and details ranging from floor plans and paint colors to faucets and lighting fixtures.
  • Include wiring for today’s technologies such as multiple phone lines, high-speed internet connections and extra cable outlets.


Decide What Kind of Home You Want

Once you’ve decided that buying newly built home is right for you, it’s time to determine which type of new home best suits your needs: a single family home, a townhouse, or perhaps a lot/knockdown where YOU can design the home of your dreams. If you’re like most homeowners, many of the choices you’ll make will ultimately be driven by your home purchase budget, how much you can purchase and your move-in schedule. That said – time is money. So it’s a good idea to keep your budget and schedule in the same place, compare them often and plan as far in advance as possible.


Work with a Realtor© from Atlantis Realty

Many of the questions that you might have about a new area, a community or a builder can be answered quickly by your Realtor© at Atlantis Realty. The right agent can help you narrow your search, offer information on property values and comparable sales, and save you time (and money) in evaluating your options.


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Atlantis Realty      
5602 New Jersey Avenue      
Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260      
3844 Bayshore Road      
North Cape May, NJ 08204      

 Wildwood Crest: 609-522-8000      

 North Cape May: <609-886-7777           

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